Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Gatte ki sabzi / Besan gatte ki sabzi / How to make Besan Gatte curry

Gatte ki sabzi or Besan gatte curry is a very popular and delicious curry. Here Gatte are referred to  gram flour or chickpea flour boiled dumplings and later cooked with spicy gravy . Gatte ki sabzi or curry goes perfectly and taste awesome with roti or paratha or even plain rice. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Eggless Chocolate Brownies / How to make Eggless Chocolate Brownies

Today I am sharing a wonderful recipe that is Eggless Chocolate Brownies -Fudgy , gooey, chewy and not cake like. Personally I like this kind of brownies that I mentioned above (gooey and chewy). I have experimented so many variations of brownies with  different ingredients but never got perfect fudgy brownies. Finally I am sharing a fail proof recipe after so many experiments that makes perfect fudgy and gooey brownies.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Vegetable Brown Rice Pulao / How to make Brown rice pulao / How to make healthy vegetable brown rice

Today I am going to share very simple vegetable brown rice pulao recipe. This recipe is one of my favourite recipes that I often cook for my hubby's lunch box. Vegetable brown rice pulao recipe is very simple and easy that you can cook in a jiffy.

This vegetable brown rice pulao recipe is melange of vegetables like beans , carrot , corn and peas cooked along with brown rice. Brown rice pulao is a perfect lunch or dinner recipe and goes perfectly with raita or pickles.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Banana cupcake (Eggless) / Eggless Banana cupcake or muffin recipe / How to make eggless banana cupcake or muffin without egg and butter

Here I am  with another eggless recipe - Eggless Banana Cupcake or Muffin recipe with step by step pictures. These eggless banana cupcakes are so delicious and packed with all the goodness of banana.

Eggless banana cupcakes are  perfect option for me when I am left with over ripe bananas. These cupcakes make a wonderful breakfast or evening snacks with a glass of milk . Even these cupcakes can be packed in kids lunch box as well.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Suran ki Sabzi / Yam Curry / Jimikand ki Sabzi / How to make Yam Curry / How to make Suran ki Sabzi

Suran is also known as jimikand or elephant foot yam or yam . Jimikand is very healthy vegetable and rich with minerals , vitamins and dietary fiber. It has ritual purpose of eating suran sabzi on Diwali festival.

Jimikand or yam helps in maintaining digestive system functioning and promotes weight loss by reducing bad cholesterol.

Suran or Jimikand / Yam is available throughout year . So Jimikand sabzi / Yam curry is a nice change to regular veggies.

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